The fund was created to support the aviation market and creative thinkers of Ukraine

They need help now!

After all,
the sky is one for all

The Sky People Foundation was opened in 2020 when the sky over Ukraine was
closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Foundation was helping people from the
aviation industry.

On February 24th, 2022, Putin started a war against Ukraine.
Many airports have been destroyed, the world-famous Mriya aircraft, and the
architecture and cultural heritage of our country is being destroyed now.

All the Ukrainians are Sky People currently, as they are the ambassadors of the
peaceful sky on Earth.


Art open the Sky

Art project with Ukrainian artist Olga Adam Art open the Sky. A bright collection of positive paintings with Ukrainian and international airlines taking off from Ukraine's main air gate of Ukraine – Boryspil airport.

Travel to art

International glossy publication Travel to art (registration in March 2021, Florida, Miami).
The first issue is devoted to the culture of Ukraine, which is now being destroyed.

Ukraine Aviation Forum

The Foundation co-organized an information platform for the Ukrainian aviation leaders.

The current projects

for which we collect donations

1Organisation of charity auctions in America

With participation of the Ukrainian artists: Andrey Chornovil, Les Panchishin, Olga Adam, Evgeny Kostenko

The Events are scheduled for April: New York and Miami.
The required amount is $5000 including logistics, installation and technical support of the project.

2Publication of Travel to Art magazine

And its distribution to famous art galleries of America. The first edition is devoted to Ukraine (registration 2021 Florida)

The theme of this edition is the destruction of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.
The purpose: fix all the barbaric destruction of the invaders: objects of architecture, art objects, historical values. The required amount is $6000

Who can apply to the Foundation:

- employees of civil aviation of Ukraine, all those involved in the aviation industry
- creative thinkers of Ukraine (artists, sculptors, architects, writers, publishers)

Main goals

Preservation of the Ukrainian heritage

Registration of all the barbaric destructions by terrorists.

of culture

And its promotion around the world

of art objects

Organization of exhibitions and events around the world to popularize in the international media space.


Didigurov Alexey

Founder of the Skypeople Foundation
Publisher Boryspil magazine - the main aviation publication in Ukraine
Co-founder of UAF (Ukraine Aviation Forum)

Geyvan Irina

Head of PR service of the Skypeople Foundation
Founder of the DNA-Personality project

Shebetovskaya Elena

Regional representative of the Skypeople Foundation in Odessa
Founder of the first private airline in Odessa



“Art Opens The Sky” project

August 18, 2020 - September 24, 2020

Exhibition at Premier Hotel Odessa

A series of ten pop-art paintings created by Ukrainian artist Olga Adam. This project is dedicated to airlines and business aviation and aims to show how art opens up the sky.

The world of art and creativity are those two wings that help up stay calm, optimistic and bring us confidence that everything will be fine! All the paintings of the project have been donated to the Sky People Foundation and can be purchased now.

“Prolong The Summer” campaign

September 1, 2020 – September 6, 2020

With the support of Maxim Radutsky, the founder of City Beach Club Kyiv, flight attendants of Ukrainian airlines got the opportunity to enjoy the stay at City Beach Club for free. The offer lasted for one week and included free access to the club, a sun lounger, a glass of sparkling wine, and various treats.


Number of participants: 50 people

Creative party at Art Chameleon

August 2, 2020

Number of participants: 10 people

Charity Auction

July 30, 2020

Charity auction during “Aviation Friendly Party” containing the lots from the partners of Boryspil magazine.


Collected amount: UAH 11 000

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